June 2015 letter

The beginning of the month had a lot of rain and was cool with some short nice spells. Now it is sunny, hot and dry. Everything is growing like mad except my garden. We had a big crop of sour cherries but we did not take as much advantage of them as we have in previous years for various silly reasons (like melons being on sale). Now at the end of the month it is very, very hot.

I got a blood test and it is better than last years (which was better than the year before). I am trying to loss some more weight but it is hard to get it going. Still I am feeling my age and so is Harry. Even the dog is starting a creak. But we are all three in good shape for our ages.

The Cheval Blanc (our local pub) has been sold to the people who live across the street. But they are still going to sell fresh bread which is good for us. It will probably have a name change and I will not longer be able to call it the White Horse.

Harry has done great work on the garage. I am still getting computers into shape. This is a new site, first month of existence and it is a bit skimpy, sorry. I am not sure how it will work for you. If you have problems or suggestions, let me know.

I hope my Canadian friends have a good 1st July, American friends have a good 4th of July, here in France we will be holidaying on the 14th.

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Retired pensioner, raised in Canada but UK citizen living in France, interested in Science and many other things.

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