House progress

House progress June 2015

Here are the pictures starting where they left off at the end of May with the framing just starting on the garage. It is an L building with one end at an angle. The weather has been kind but is currently extremely hot. 

sheathing the east wall

finishing the sheathing of the east wall

A flat surface is needed for framing and so everything that needs this part of the garage floor is being framed before any wall go up.

building frame for west wall on top of east wall

south end wall is framed being built on top of other two walls

cutting wood for the frame of the gable end

cutting the angles for the gable end

the frame of the west gable end finished

The two other wall frames and the gable ends were moved out for the time being. Now the east wall can be prepared for lifting.

west wall has its ‘umbrella’ skin put on

putting the battens for the siding on the west wall

The wall is prepared for safe lifting. At first we were going to use the car to pull it up. Then we realized that it was not that heavy and will help we could lift it manually. We made a date with Paul Henri and our two neighbours Sylvain and Sebastien for a Saturday. They came a 11 am and the job was finished for them to go home for lunch - smooth job without a hitch.

hinges, rope to pull with from safe distance, adjustable rod to go on stake in ground

ropes on each side the right length to prevent the wall going too far

3 helpers arrived at 11 am and were done and left by lunch

The three lifted from the inside, I pulled on a rope with a safe distance and tied the rope when it was up. Harry pulled on the rod and got it onto the stake in the ground and then adjusted its length until the wall was plumb.

the west wall in place

feeling good that all went very smoothly

Then came the frames for the other two walls which were lighter because they were just frames.

fixing the south end wall to the east wall

discussing which way the west wall should sit

west wall in place

When the helpers left, Harry stabilized the two frames.

sheathing the south end

south end and west wall sheathed

Now the work became on the walls of the other part of the L. First we needed the exact dimensions of the door so we bought it. Good thing - the one we planned on was out of stock.

purchased door so the size was known before building south wall

preparing top and bottom plates for south wall - angle needed at one end

south wall framed

Harry and I lifted it.

south wall raised

south wall with start of sheathing


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